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  • Kentico v13 / XbK Upgrade Complexity: Get a clear picture of the effort needed to upgrade to Kentico v13 and Xperience By Kentico, paving the way for modern web experiences.

Generic Kentico v12 Website Audit Report

  • Custom Code Assessment: Gauge the extent of custom code within your website and determine its alignment with Kentico's built-in functionalities
  • Database Structure Insights: Is your database structured for optimal performance? Discover if any tuning is necessary for an efficient upgrade process.
  • Security Review: Identify potential security concerns and ensure your upgraded website meets the highest protection standards.
  • Performance Analysis: Understand your website's current performance and identify opportunities for enhancements to deliver a lightning-fast user experience.
  • Support and Maintenance Effort: Discover Digital outlines the effort required to support your upgraded website continuously.

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Why Upgrade your Kentico Website

Kentico v12 is reaching the end of its support lifecycle (end of 2022 for MVC and end of 2023 for Portal Engine), and it’s time to Upgrade to remain in support.

Harness the latest features, capabilities, and optimizations of Kentico to elevate your online presence. Get ready to unlock a new era of digital excellence and secure a future-proof online platform.

Please note the support lifecycle details for Kentico versions:

  • Kentico Xperience 12.x: End of support in 2022 for MVC and end of 2023 for Portal Engine.
  • Kentico Xperience 13.x: Supported until December 31, 2026
  • Xperience By Kentico: With SaaS subscription, DXP is evergreen




What's Included in Your Audit Report

Our comprehensive audit report encompasses:


Custom Code Analysis

Percentage of custom code and its alignment with Kentico's functionalities.


Coding Standards Report

An assessment of custom code against Kentico standards and best practices.


Database Structure Evaluation

Insight into the database structure's quality and potential tuning requirements.